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Student Guide to Lettings

Here at Pavilion Properties, we do everything we can to make sure our student tenants can have peace of mind when renting a student home.

Decide what you can afford before you start house hunting. Remember you will have to budget for gas, electricity, water, phone, internet and a TV licence, as well as food and general household items.

One of the bonuses of being a student is that you don’t have to pay council tax for your house. However, bear in mind that should you decide to live with non-students you will be required to pay council tax.

Most universities have well-known student residential areas—ask around. If you do not have a car consider proximity to campus and public transport links. If you are driving, is parking available? Do you need a parking permit?

Get in contact with the Pavilion Property team for advice on the best time to start looking for student accommodation in your area.

Disagreements between housemates are a common problem in student houses. Conflicting lifestyles and personality clashes can cause misery and more stress around exam time.

Remember you are signing a legally binding contract and will not be able to simply walk away. As a group, you will also have to decide on how to split and share responsibility for bills.

The deposit is refundable unless you have damaged the house, its contents or not paid the rent. Make sure an inventory is completed and take dated photos of any damage no matter how insignificant. Get the damage acknowledged and agreed in writing by the letting agent. This could save your deposit at the end of your tenancy.

Report any problems/damage as they happen and keep copies to prove that you reported it. When you leave for breaks consider leaving the heating on low to ensure that pipes don’t freeze—you will be liable for the repairs if they do.

Leave the property in the same condition as the day you arrived. Contact us here at Pavilion . Properties at least one month prior to your moving out date. They will explain the process for reclaiming your deposit.